We support Nina Senn for Oakland School Board - District 4!

Elected Officials

  • Nancy Skinner, California State Assemblymember, District 15

  • Tom Torlakson, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • Patricia Kernighan, President of the Oakland City Council, District 2

  • Nancy Nadel, Former Oakland City Councilmember, District 3; Manager, The Oakland Chocolate Company

  • Noel Gallo, City Councilmember, District 5

  • Gary Yee, Former Oakland Unified School Board Member, District 4 and  Interim Superintendent, OUSD

  • James Harris, Vice President, Oakland Unified School Board Member, District 7

  • Roseann Torres, Oakland Unified School Board Member, District 5


  • Oakland Education Association (Teachers Ranked Choice)

  • Alameda County Central Labor Council

  • Building and Construction Trades Council of Alameda County (#1 Choice)

  • Carpenters Union Local 713, Alameda County

  • Operating Engineers Local No. 3

  • Sheet Metal Workers’ Local No. 104

  • United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 5

  • National Women’s Political Caucus – Alameda North

  • Evolve

  • Great Oakland Public Schools

 Oakland and District 4 School, Business and Neighborhood Leaders

  • David Stein, Advisory Board Member, East Bay Agency for Children

  • Greg McConnell, President & CEO, Oakland Jobs and Housing Coalition

  • Richard Cowan, Former Redwood Heights Neighborhood Association Chair

  • Steven Lee, Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce Board Member

  • Jeff Diamond, President, Montclair Village Association; Owner, Farmstead Cheeses and Wines

  • Mike Hannigan, President, Give Something Back 

  • Nancy Bloom, Principal, Montclair Elementary School

  • Susan Brookes, Teacher, Montclair Elementary School

  • Melissa Raymond, PTA President (past), Montclair Elementary School

  • Tina Tranzor, Principal (past), Montera Middle School Principal

  • Stephanie Berger, Teacher, Montera Middle School

  • Debe Rapson, PTO Co-President (past), Montera Middle School

  • Sam Foresman, PTO First Vice President (past), Montera Middle School

  • Jeff Rapson, Teacher, Skyline High School

  • Elizabeth Riles, Co-President of the Board, SEEDS Community Resolution Center; Managing Partner, Bohbot & Riles, LLP

  • Jeff Sloan, Executive Director, SEEDS Community Resolution Center

  • Kathleen Caldwell, Owner, Great Good Books in Montclair

  • Edwin Epstein, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

  • Fania Davis, Civil Rights attorney

  • Andreas Cluver, Redwood Heights parent/Dimond resident

  • Jennifer Joey Smith, Sequoia parent/Dimond resident

  • Sue Piper, North Oakland leader; Co-Chair, Oakland Firesafe Council

  • Larry Magid, Montclair resident

  • Andrew Shear, former Joaquin Miller parent

  • Jeanine Huey, former Thornhill parent

  • David Scharff, Oakmore resident

  • Jackie Felix-Atkins, former Montera parent

  • Mutima Imani, community leader and educator

  • Maggie Rogers, Montclair resident/parent

  • Laurie Halliday, former Montclair parent

  • Jack Kilpatrick, Montclair and Montera parent

  • Linda Russell, former Montclair and Montera parent

  • Ron Johnson, former Joaquin Miller and Montera parent

  • Mary Pezzuto, former Redwood Heights parent

  • Jessica Stewart, Laurel resident

  • Stan Weisner, Board Member, Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association
  • Helen Nicholas, Board Member, Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association

  • Jackie Hunter, Owner, Kelly’s Corner, Laurel District


*Partial list of endorsements.

*All organizations and titles are used for identification purposes only


Who's endorsing

Sam Foresman
Ron Johnson
David Stein
Susan Demersseman
Patty Cardona
Jessica Stewart
Therese Leone
Gary Yee
David Scharff
Elizabeth Riles
Edwin M. Epstein
Michael Hannigan
Nancy Bloom
Tina Tranzor
Roseann Torres
Mutima Imani
Jackie Felix-Atkins
Stephanie Berger
Nancy Nadel
Debe Rapson
Andreas Cluver
Fania  Davis
Noel Gallo
Melissa Raymond
Jeff Diamond
Sue Piper
Richard Cowan
27 endorsements

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endorsed 2014-10-17 17:24:18 -0700
I worked very closely with Nina supporting Montera Middle School teachers and in school activities, as well as building a rich set of after school enrichment programs, and working closely with the school administration and OUSD, to help ensure we provide a productive learning environment for teachers and students. I can confidently state there is not a better advocate for our youth and the future of Oakland Schools. Nina has my greatest respect and recommendation.
endorsed 2014-10-02 17:09:26 -0700
Montera PTO Facilities VP (past 2011-13) Montera Middle School, Piedmont Pines Resident
endorsed 2014-10-01 08:26:23 -0700
Nina understands the importance of developing the whole child. She will be a wonderful school board member.
endorsed 2014-09-19 11:01:59 -0700
I worked in Oakland Schools for over 30 years and met many wonderful parents. Nina is one of the best. She showed great care for her own children and for the children of others. She has always understood the importance of community.

In addition to her compassion is a strong professional background and knowledge of the workings a large, complicated school district.

In the 10 years that I have known Nina I have observed her excellent problem solving skill. She is never confrontational but does her homework, researches the options and brings along others in the process.

I look forward to watching the progress on the board with the intellect, energy and good will that Nina will bring.
endorsed 2014-09-17 15:59:13 -0700
endorsed 2014-09-15 15:06:53 -0700
endorsed 2014-08-21 12:03:02 -0700
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