About Nina

Nina_-_head_shot_2014.jpgNina grew up in a multi-cultural family and is the product of a solid California public school education. Her mother was a 3rd grade elementary school teacher who delighted in inspiring and challenging her students to be their very best with her creative, thought-provoking activities and lessons. Nina's father was a minister, an academic and a pioneer of inter-faith dialogue. He taught at UCLA until he retired in his eighties.

Nina received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley and a Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University. When she graduated from law school, her father expressed his hope that she would use her education to help others. Nina has dedicated both her professional and personal life to realizing that wish.

As an attorney, Nina has worked with global and domestic companies and organizations focusing on international, logistics and technology transactions and dispute resolution processes. For over 18 years, five of which were based in Brussels, Belgium, her work involved building consensus and negotiating agreements in complex multi-cultural environments. She was also an integral member of high performing senior management teams that not only made successful organizational and service delivery improvements, they also achieved double digit revenue growth in the process.

After returning to the Bay Area, she re-kindled her passion in dispute resolution by volunteering as a mediator and then as the President of the Board of SEEDS Community Resolution Center where she focused on fund-raising, growing a new Restorative Justice program, attracting talented and diverse board members, partnering with the executive director and successfully leading the organization through a major leadership transition.

In 2014, Nina started her own dispute resolution and legal services practice in Oakland and was particularly delighted to work on an OUSD project that focused on special education. This project was an independent assessment to determine the feasibility of establishing an alternative dispute resolution process within Programs for Exceptional Children using problem solving, Restorative Justice and other conflict resolution skills and techniques.

Dedicated to CARE of the Whole Child

As a parent of two school age children in Oakland, Nina is dedicated to the CARE of the whole child of every child. CARE stands for "Community Access to Resources and Education." Whether the need is related to academics, health, safety & nutrition, sports, the environment or social/emotional issues, she works in collaboration with others to support the needs of the whole child.

For example, at Montera, Nina worked shoulder to shoulder with District staff, administration and other parent leaders to, among other things:

  • organize and launch new after school programs for music, dance and drama
  • bring Restorative Justice program and practices to Montera
  • gain commitment from AAMA to offer a manhood development program
  • turn a blighted area into a blooming community garden
  • re-open the school library for use during lunchtime periods
  • organize and chaperone educational field trips for hundreds of middle school students
  • participate in three Challenge Days for 7th and 8th grade students
  • organize the California Distinguished School Award event
  • facilitate teacher engagement and community meetings related to school climate and a new principal search process

Similarly, at Montclair Elementary, along with various volunteering activities over a decade in the classroom, field trips and library, she joined forces with other parent leaders, the principal and the school district to create a safe pathway to school and to have a cooking kitchen built so that all the students at the school would have access to nutritious and delicious lunches. Her interest in promoting overall health, sports and fitness activities with young people early in life has, over the last four years, translated into volunteering as a coach and referee with youth soccer teams through the Montclair Soccer Club.

Nina and her husband, Bill, are the proud parents of two wonderful children.  They have lived in Montclair for over 13 years.


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