Dear Friends

After years as a roll-up-the-sleeves Oakland public school parent and volunteer, multi-cultural community mediator, Restorative Justice practitioner and advocate, and international transactions and technology attorney, I am excited to be the School Board Member for District 4.

My reason for wanting to be on OUSD's School Board is simple:

I want each of us to be able to say with confidence that all Oakland children can thrive in Oakland public schools, from pre-k through 12th, and beyond.

What will it take to realize that vision?

CARE –– Community Access to Resources and Education.

A Decade of Advocacy and Action

Because of my work advocating for youth both in the classroom and throughout Oakland, I know first hand the transformative impact of caring for the whole child of every child. I have collaborated with teachers, principals, parent leaders and district officers to give our students meaningful opportunities to develop and grow, from bringing Restorative Justice programs and practices to Oakland’s largest middle school to spearheading the re-opening of a shuttered school library.

Collaborative Know-How to Get Things Done

My experience as President of the Board of SEEDS Community Resolution Center and as a parent leader in my children’s District 4 schools afford me a deep and current understanding of how to affect positive change across and within diverse communities and in extremely challenging environments. Knowing how to listen, build consensus, and collaborate with integrity has allowed me to earn the trust of stakeholders who have often had difficulty finding common ground. More importantly, it has enabled us to work together to make significant progress where there had only been stalemate or toxicity.

Personal Passion and Commitment

As the daughter of two public school educators, I grew up with a passion for public education. As a District 4 parent, I understand the turmoil many families feel when deciding what educational opportunities are best for their children. I believe all Oakland children can flourish in Oakland public schools, but it will require commitment and tenacity to make that happen.

What We Can Do Together

In order to ensure that our schools engage, inspire and challenge students, we need to focus on three things:

  • attract, retain and develop our high performing teachers or those with potential to be high performing;
  • create healthy school climates so that teachers can teach and students can learn in a safe and respectful space; and
  • provide students and teachers with better access to educational resources such as school libraries and current and engaging educational technology.

I look forward to meeting you, hearing your thoughts and working together to improve our schools so that all of our children thrive. 






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I can think of nothing better for Oakland than Nina Senn for School Board. Go Nina!